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  • QA Check: FilterFactoryFinder created allowing access to default implementation
  • QA Check: FilterFactory has been made into an interface
  • Filter 1.1 SortBy methods added to allow generation of FeatureList
  • Aggregate Functions added, with optimized implementations for JDBC FeatureCollections

Status on 2.3.x

For the stable 2.3.x branch the Fitler Filter module has:

  • Transitioned to GeoAPI interfaces
  • Been allowed to accept Object (opening the door to reuse other specs)

The Filter module will be recast for the 2.3.x release allowing it to work on more data types then just Features. This opens up a lot of exciting oppertunities opportunities for reuse. The Catalog specification calls for the use of Filter 1.1 against metadata for example.

Status on 2.4.x

For the 2.4.x branch the Filter module has:

  • TBD (some fixes are being back ported, and may move to the 2.3.x list)

Status on Feature Model branch

For the FM branch the Filter module has been: