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Martin Desruisseaux



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This section provides the user with The Sample Data Module provides a data repository for different formats (shapefile, gml, sql, ...) which will enable you to make your own tests with Geotools GeoTools libraries. (contributions are welcome ; many data have are in the unit test directory. Then could be translated here too (wink) . The data must be explained )


Table of Contents

Using TestData

The data available in this module is accessed via the TestData class; this class is able to smoothly access and unpack data that has been bundled up into a jar; it is able to handle some of the platform differences that have cropped up over the years.

Example use:

Code Block

InputStream in = TestData.openStream( this, "" );
Properties properties = new Properties( in );
assertTrue( properties.contains("something") );

For more information please review out developers guide entry:


Contributions of new data are welcome:

  • We do ask you to mind the file sizes committed into svn (please be kind).
  • Please relocate your JUnit test-data examples to this module
  • Please document what the data is on this page


Java utility classes that are useful when writing test cases.

  • FlatFeature - implementation of Features directly built in Java for inclusion in code


The following data is available when writing your own test cases.


SQL data


Well Known Text (WKT)