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  1. Standard directory. Eg: file:///c:/Documents%20and%20Settings/shorterc/My%20Documents/work/mapbuilder
  2. Apache
  3. Tomcat



Map Viewer


  1. Test zoom slider
  2. Test navigation buttons
  3. Test dragging of the map
  4. Test dragging a zoombox with SHIFT

Interactive Map Viewer


  1. Test zoom in button
  2. Test zoom out button
  3. Test pan button
  4. Test reset extent button
  5. Test previous extent button
  6. Test next extent button
  7. Test the three actions in the list 'Examples of working with MapBuilder'

Enhanced Map Viewer


  1. Test the graticule button
  2. Test the getFeatureInfo button
  3. Test switching of baselayers
  4. Test switching on/off normal layers

Time Series Demo

Complete Demo