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We have three options available to us - we can consider the following options:

  • (error) Ask Refractions to upgrade there server (scrub it down; build a new kernal with a shorter timeout; etc...). Currently there is not enough sys admin time (because everyone is working hard for customers) to make this happen!
  • (tick) Move to CodeHaus - this has the advantage of single sign on with our wiki; and the ability to make use of their maven repository. The GeoServer project is making use of both these facilities so we can ask them if it is in fact a good idea. The CodeHaus servers are connected to the maven replication train - which will really resolve some of our distribution issues with
  • (question) Move to OSGeo hardware - this has the advantage of branding. We would need to run our own svn server - and could consider running our own confluence as well.


  • [~jive} I personally feel that OSGeo hardware has nice publicity - but the cost in time of running our own hardware is not worth it.
  • Jody Garnett This problem is not specific to the GeoTools project, I will bring these options up in the uDig meeting on Thursday as well.

Volunteers Needed!

Please understand we are running a couple of days downtime a month; I would rather spend two days up front to improve the situation (and thus be able to plan for it) then have my project deadlines in danger.


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   <name>GeoTools Repository</name>
   <name>Geotools Central Development Repository</name>


Documentation Changes

  • Home SVN checkout instructions need to be updated