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Weekly IRC meeting 15 Sept. 2008:

  1. What is up
  2. Meeting time
  3. GeoAPI version for Gt 2.5
  4. GeoTools 2.2.4
  5. volunteer for osgeo meeting
  6. 2.5.0 and mvn assembly

Action items:

  • meeting time remains as documented here 3.1 Internet Relay Chat in the developers guide
  • the 2.5.x branch will be making use of the GeoAPI 2.2-M2 tag for the duration
  • Jody Garnett should release 2.2.4 this week when moovida has given the go ahead
  • Justin Deoliveira has volunteered to represent GeoTools at the annual OSGeo meeting
  • Gabriel Roldán is waiting on GeoServer acceptance tests prior to releasing 2.5.0; we are stuck on the use of mvn assembly target and may fall back to an earlier "jar collector" solution.

jgarnett: morning

aaime cannot find the official meeting time in confluence