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Once this is done, you will need Maven 2 (minimum is Maven 2.2.1) to build the project. The dependencies required for building and constructing IzPack are automatically downloaded by Maven over the Internet.


For your projects to build in Eclipse, you will need to tweak the Eclipse configuration to add a build variable called M2_REPO, which points to your local Maven repository (usually ~/.m2/repository). Otherwise you can also use a specific Maven goal for that.

Newer versions of Eclipse (4.X) in particular with m2e (Also working with older versions of Eclipse 3.8 for example) instead of m2eclipse will work without any need to do mvn eclipse:eclipse. Just import the project from the root into Eclipse via import->Maven Project.

For code style formatting, use this profile and import it to Eclipse: Preferences -> Java -> Code Style -> Formatter -> Import... 


Netbeans is a friend of Maven too!