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			<-- Bind to the release-plugin:scm-commit-development phase. -->

Where where the groupId and artifact binding of the phase follow the same defaulting process at that used to define dependencies. That is the above binding could be rewritten as:


The other (IMHO poorer) option would be to include the LifeCycle of the release-plugin as part of the Maven core.

Without this proposal we will

  • need to continue to maintain a version of release-plugin that includes extra phases required to simulate this behaviour
  • not be able to open-source the subclipse-tags-plugin (which is of benefit to anyone using Eclipse+Subversion) as it needs the hooks provided by our hacked version of the release-plugin.

I'd really like to use a base version of the release-plugin and I'd really like to be able to provide the subclispe-tags-plugin to the community.