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It is possible to configure the tendencies by logging in as a System administrator and going to Settings > General Settings > General > Differential Views. To  To configure the number of days used to compute tendencies, set the Tendency period property the Tendency period property to the desired number of days. Default is 30.

Managing History

Whatever the reason (wrong quality profile, issue with analysis, etc.), it is possible to remove a snapshot to polish the Time Machine widgets. Note that the last snapshot can never be deleted.

titleAbout deleting snapshots

Deleting a snapshot is a 2-step process:

  • The snapshot must first be removed from the project history by clicking on Delete snapshot. It won't be displayed anymore on this History page but will still be present in the database.
  • The snapshot is actually deleted during the next project analysis.

At project level, go to Configuration > History.

For every snapshot, it is possible to manually:

  • Add, rename or remove a version
  • Add, rename or remove an event

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House Cleaning

Removing Useless Data

When you run a new analysis of your project, some data that were previously available will no longer be (for example the source code of the previous analysis, measures at file level, etc.). These data will automatically be removed at the end of a new analysis.

Removing Unnecessary Analyses

It is very useful to frequently analyze a project to see how quality evolves. It is also very useful to be able to see the trends over weeks, months, years. But when you look back in time, you do not really need the same level of details as you would for one week ago. The Database Cleaner aims to delete some rows in the database to save space and to improve overall performances. Here is its default configuration:

  • All data older than 5 years old are deleted
  • For each project:
    • only one analysis per month is kept over 1 year
    • only one analysis per week is kept over 1 month
    • only one analysis per day is kept over 1 day
  • All closed issues more than 30 days old are deleted
  • History at package/directory level is not kept
  • Snapshots that include an event (new project version, new quality profile version, etc.) are not deleted

These settings can be changed at Settings > General Settings > General > Database Cleaner.

Removing Ghost Projects

See Bulk Deletion documentation page.

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