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Table of Contents

SonarQube TM collects a maximum of measures in an automated manner but there are some measures for which this is sometimes not possible, such as when: the information is not available for collection, the measure is computed by a human, etcand so on. Whatever the reason, SonarQube TM provides a service to inject those measures manually and allow you to benefit from other services (Dashboard, TimeMachine, etc.): the Manual Measures service. The so-entered metrics are going to manual measures entered will be picked during the next analysis of the project and be converted to thereafter treated as "normal" measures.

Managing Manual Metrics

As for automated collected measures, a manual measure is collected on metric. The with measures that are collected automatically, manual measures are collected on metrics. Therefore, the first thing is therefore to create the manual metric you want to save your measure against. In order to do so, log in as a system administrator and go to Settings > Configuration > Manual MeasuresMetrics:

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Managing Manual Measures

Manual measures can be entered at any level of the project, i.e. project, module or package. To add a measure, sign in and as a project administrator, go to the dashboard of the desired component and enter the choose Configuration > Manual Measures left menu entry. You are presented with a table containing the latest measure entered for each metric:

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The orange marker means that no analysis has been run since the manual measure has been was entered, and therefore it will not appear on the resourcecomponent.

From there, you have the ability to edit or delete an existing measure or enter a new one:

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Whatever action is taken on a manual measure will be picked by the next analysis of the component.