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RnD and proposals completed for the 2.6.x branch:

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Available 2.6 Downloads:

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Two stoppers from the uDig community:

  • (tick) GEOT-2782 IndexedShapefileDataStore is returning Geometry as a String (even when you did not ask!)
  • (tick) GEOT-2783 WFSDataStore 1.0 is tripping up over FastBBOX filter. Thanks Gabriel for the fix!

Atlas Styler is waiting on the following patch:

  • (tick) GEOT-2785 Text Symbolizer Priority. Patch applied; thanks for including a test case - it makes all the difference.

And one problem reported with the build from source:

  • (tick) jp2kakadu module has 2.5-SNAPSHOT as parent; preventing a clean build. Change applied; we will wait for the release process to verify that no more issues of this nature pop up.

Looks like I will need to push this release out on Sunday in order to include it on a DVD for the GeoTools workshop. If the above issues are fixed the release will be 2.6.0; if not a second release candidate.


When this bug is done we should be in a position to make a release candidate.

  • (tick) Afabiani has updated WCS 1.1 EMF model.
  • (tick) Emily has supplied a rendering patch for GEOT-2766 that needs review.
  • (tick) Vitali has a good idea for a safety check on feature reader creation - but no bug report yet.
  • (tick) CRS Lab has stopped rendering when data is reprojected.

A couple steps are still missing from the previous milestone release: