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GRECLIPSE-164 Synchronize access to Groovy Projects inside the GroovyProject class
GRECLIPSE-162 Multiple UnsupportedClassVersionError in Eclipse Plugin
GRECLIPSE-159 output directory not created
GRECLIPSE-155 Adding multiline block comments with Ctrl+Shift+/ removes start tags from regular comments
GRECLIPSE-153 NPE when creating new project.
GRECLIPSE-146 Support auto format
GRECLIPSE-141 Groovy rebuild of a project will not acknowledge cancellation or acquire workspace lock
GRECLIPSE-139 Adding Groovy to a Java project leads to strange errors
GRECLIPSE-129 Eclipse Groovy Plugin not working for Eclipse Ganymede (Launced on 25th June)
GRECLIPSE-122 Update to Groovy 1.5.6
GRECLIPSE-109 New Class Wizards fail if superclass is empty or does not exist
GRECLIPSE-108 New Class Wizards fail if superclass is empty or does not exist
GRECLIPSE-106 org.codehaus.groovy\bin should not be under svn control
GRECLIPSE-100 Provides the JavaDocs for the Groovy dependency offered by the Groovy Classpath Container
GRECLIPSE-93 Go to file from test case is off by one line
GRECLIPSE-91 Extension of the GroovyCompiler class to generate an AST without resolving the classes
GRECLIPSE-84 Unremovable Groovy JAR
GRECLIPSE-43 Provide refactoring capabilities (eclipse)

See more on refactoring on the following wiki page.

GRECLIPSE-41 Implement code folding for GroovyEclipse
GRECLIPSE-30 Category org.eclipse.debug.ui.category.debug used for command does not exist
GRECLIPSE-26 ClassCastException during code completion
GRECLIPSE-14 Breakpoints on some lines don't hit