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Table of Contents

Once Sonar installation is complete, you are ready to run analyses on your projects.

Scope of Analysis

Sonar has capability to perform analysis on 18+ languages. The outcome of this analysis is going to be mainly measures of metrics and violations of coding rules. However, what gets analyzed by Sonar will vary depending on the language analyzed:

  • On all languages, Sonar performs static analysis of source code (java files, Cobol programs, etc.)
  • Sonar can perform static analysis of compiled code on certain languages (.class files or jars in Java, dll files in C#, etc.)
  • Sonar can perform dynamic analysis of code on certain languages (execution of unit tests in Java, C#, etc.)

Running Analysis

First, you should install the language of the project to be analyzed either by a direct download or through the update center.

To launch your Sonar analysis, the following clients are available:

For more information, see also:



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