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We have support for the processing of XML headers or body elements through the use of the XStream library. XStream is idea when you have a bunch of POJOs and you want to stream them over XML.

If you are given a WSDL and want to create beans for it, we recommend a tool like XMLBeans, Castor or JAXB. However if you're starting with POJOs then XStream is nice & simple & fast.

The client API is pretty much the same as for the other marshalling tools. First off we have a regular interface that represents some service...

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Now here's a REST client invoking a remote service..

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Or the SOAP client looks like this

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The server side

The following example demonstrates how to bind the server side implementation of a service to the some transport ready for being dispatched.

Here's a REST service example

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Here's a SOAP service example

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Dynamic client interface

You can avoid using service interfaces and dynamic proxies and just pass typed document POJOs around using the dynamic interface.

Here's a REST client example

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Here's a SOAP client example

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