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Jody Garnett (PSC member) here - I have been unable to attend the formal IRC meeting time do to a change in timezone. As such I am setting up an informal IRC chat time for the month of February for Q&A and hopefully to work through a range of fascinating topics, ideas and directions that have emerged for the GeoTools library.

Click on the link to see the time in your area


I have an idea for this week already:

  • Week 1: Review the state of Filter with Andrea, consider FilterCapabilities (ie function list) and Function

Here are some ideas to consider for the rest of the month (not each depends on hunting down a party I know is interested)

  • Go over the rendering module and clean it up for documentation in the user guide
  • Figure out OSGi bundle plan (requires Harald Wellmann)
  • Go over bzr (with Adrian Custer?)
  • Review jdbc-ng work and go over migration stratagy
  • Set up some good MemoryDataStore, MemoryFeatureCollection implementations (with Frank Gasdorf?)
  • Review the FeatureCollection / FeatureSource plans Justin wrote up last year

The idea is for some hands on community work; with a PSC that can review and commit patches if needed.