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Comment: Updated instructions for installation from subversion : repo has moved, there was mix-up between source location and install dir.


  • Checkout Griffon from the Griffon Module in the Groovy Griffon SVN repository
    • Go into an empty directory where you will keep your griffon sources, create one if you want
    • Run this command: svn co griffon-src
    • A subdirectory named griffon-src will be created, let's call that location GRIFFON_SRC
  • Go into GRIFFON_SRC
  • Make sure you can run ant : ant -version
    • If you have an error, try using the ant provided in the sources (you may need to give the ant script executable permission before): ./ant/bin/ant -version
  • Decide of a directory where you want griffon to be installed; typically C:\griffon on Windows or ~/griffon on Unix
  • Set the GRIFFON_HOME environment variable to some location that that location (make sure it is not below the checkout location
  • Add the "%GRIFFON_HOME%\bin" directory to your PATH environment variable
  • Add the "%GRIFFON_HOME%\ant\bin directory to your PATH environment variable.
  • (You may need to give the scripts in "%GRIFFON_HOME%\ant\bin execute permissions.)
  • Go to the %GRIFFON_HOME% directory and type "ant install" to build Griffon and install it in your %GRIFFON_HOME% directory
  • )
  • Install griffon by running "ant install"
  • Once the build runs with success, follow the instructions as if you've downloaded a binary distribution (see "Installation from Download" above).
  • That's it! Start developing with Griffon!