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Call a Vote

Before a release can occur, a vote must take place.

The vote is initiated by sending an email to to with a link to the snapshot artifact. The email and

  • the subject is prefixed


  • with [VOTE]



    • any other info you feel is relevant. 

The standard is to wait 72 hours for responses. This gives other developers and users time to test the plugin before placing their voteand provide feedback. Each plugin committer gets one vote: -1 meaning "no" or +1 meaning "yes." Only SonarQube plugin committers can vote. The first release requires three +1's and no -1's. For subsequent releases, the vote can be passed by lazy consensus: it passes if there are no -1's.


  • Close the vote on the dev mailing-list: respond to your earlier [VOTE] post, announcing that the vote is closed and who the voters were, or that the vote passes by lazy concensus
  • Check the prerequisites
  • Set your Codehaus username/password in Maven settings.xml:

    Code Block
  • Install Codehaus SSL certificates into JDK
  • Deploy the plugin to the Maven central repository by executing the following command with default values:

    Code Block
    mvn release:prepare release:perform
  • Send an email to to ask for the release of the version in JIRA
  • If it is the first release of the plugin, add it to the Plugin Library page
  • Update the Version compatibility matrix page
  • If a sonar-example is that the technical release be completed (this updates the wiki page header, closes the JIRA version and makes the new version available in the Update Center).
    • Subject: [RELEASE REQUEST] Plugin Name & version
    • Body contains:
      • Short description: A few words about what's new in this version.
      • Documentation status: should be done, tell us about progression and ETA if needed.
      • Sonarqube compatibility: unchanged or specific versions.
      • Link to jira release notes.
      • Notes: Any additional information you feel is needed, including:
        •  whether or not the Maven release needs to be performed.
        • If a sonar-example is available, ask to have the the plugin version updated in the validation.txt file
  • If it is the first release of the plugin, add it to the Plugin Library page
  • Send an email to with the message of the announcement so that SonarSource can publish it on the plugins feed.
  • Send an email to to ask that the release be added to the Update Center and that the header on the wiki plugin page be updated.
  • Tweet (big grin)