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  • Combine the best parts of all the different Scala bits for Maven and help fix anything in Plexus or Maven itself that might be blocking good integration.
  • A standard Scala packaging that will correspond to an optimized Scala lifecycle in Maven. This should allow a very terse definition of Scala project
  • An optimized execution of the scala lifecycle in m2eclipse

Issues Seen by the Community

  1. Scala currently does not support backwards binary compatibility across release numbers. This has led to some issues with scala libraries either requiring users to always stay "current" or put tools on top of maven to release multiple "versions" each of which is compatible with a single Scala version.  Currently the approach is to include the Scala version first in the project's version, e.g. "2.7.3-1.0-SNAPSHOT" would mean your lirbary is at version 1.0-SNAPSHOT using scala 2.7.3.   It would be ideal if either scala become more backwards compatible or there were some way to manage this sanely inside maven.

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