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This "proposal" (more case of technical dept) will clean up the style interfaces by:

  • Introduce read-write GeoTools interfaces for any new Symbology Encoding constructs
  • Restoring setters methods; the only deprecations will remain those where a clear alternative is available (example setTitle is now getDescription().setTitle )
  • TypeNarrow getters to be explicit about the GeoTools interface returned for any aggregations. Example: getDescription() will return the geotools Description interface
  • Completing the StyleFactoryImpl2 implementation; this is an implementation of geoapi style factory where the created results are type-narrowed to explicitly be the GeoTools interfaces
  • Updating StyleFactoryImpl to delegate to StyleFactoryImpl2 for the new "create" methods

Good ideas not included in this proposal:

  • There is no new builders defined by this proposal
  • The renderer will not be updated to account for new Symbology Encoding ideas like UoM
  • Symbolizer GeometryPreProcessing will not be added

While the GeoAPI interfaces will be left in the mix as super classes (providing a read-only interface) the GeoTools codebase will continue to make use of the GeoTools interfaces which will offer a read-write extension. This arrangement allows us to use the excellent work that went into producing Symbology Encoding 1.1 interfaces while preserving our current work flow.


I would appreciate a timely response on this as:

  • a group is working on UOM support which is one of the features of the SE 1.1 interfaces
  • I am putting together a GeoTools tutorial and I cannot do so with the current number of deprecations

This proposal has received the following votes:


  1. (tick) Restore Setter methods for 2.5.x; and prepair patch
  2. (tick) Apply patch to 2.6.x; and proceed with extending any geoapi classes required (this is a formal review of the geoapi interfaces so some changes to the interfaces will be requried - some of the visit method for example are inconsistent)
  3. (tick) Go over StyleFactory from geoapi and make sure it is complete; it is complete when it can completely copy an existing style using a StyleVisitor
  4. (tick) With 2.6.x cleaned up the documentation examples can be updated; the documentation examples are stored in demo

Unexpected developments:

  • Andrea started a StyleBuilder in the "literate" of AttributeTypeBuilder rather than the existing StyleBuilder class which basically will fill in null values for you.
  • Clone - the style classes are clonable; but not very well done. I have reports of people using this in the field so I am hard pressed to know how to kill it

API Changes

The following lists one example (ContrastEnhancement); the same approach will be used to update all of the interfaces including the Symbolizers and FeatureTypeStyle.