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SAR is an acronym for "Service ARchive". SAR files are plain old Java JAR files that contain a JBoss service definition file (META-INF/jboss-service.xml) and (optionally) other resources needed by the service. By convention SAR files are named with a '.sar' extension.



This section details how to create a SAR artifact using the 'jboss-packaging-maven-plugin'. There are two examples: the first example shows the case of creating a SAR in a simple (non-multi-project) maven-2.x project. The second example shows how to create a SAR artifact in a subproject of a larger multi-project, and then include the SAR in an EAR file created in a different subproject.

Stand-alone SAR Project

FIXME: document simple case

SAR in a Multi-project Build, Included in an EAR

The steps below below pertain only to use of the 'jboss-packaging-maven-plugin' plugin, currently available in the snapshots repository:


The things to note about this snippet are that the dependency type of the SAR module is 'sar' (not 'jboss-sar'), and the '<SarModule>' element of the 'maven-ear-plugin' configuration does not include a classifier.

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