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  • FileServer - simple HTTP file server
  • OneHandler - Embed a single handler - useful when there is only a single simple source of content.
  • ManyHandlers - Embed multiple handlers, one called after the other on each request.
  • OneContext - An example of a handler within a context, which allows a contextPath, resourceBase and class loader to be set.
  • MinimalServlets - An example of a ServletHandler without a context.
  • OneServletContext - A servletHandler within a context, which has been constructed with a session handler.
  • ManyServletContexts - Multiple servlet contexts using context path to select the context.
  • LikeJettyXml - a code example that mimics the configuration of the standard jetty.xml file
  • FromXmlConfiguration - a example that shows how XML fragments may be used to build a server and/or context.
  • OneWebApp - an example showing a single webapp being added programmatically.

Setting up the classpath

To run Jetty you need only the following jars on the classpath:


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