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The Agent is a special-purpose thread-safe non-blocking reference implementation inspired by Agents in Clojure.


Code Block
import groovyx.gpars.agent.Agent

 * Conference stores number of registrations and allows parties to register and unregister.
 * It inherits from the Agent class and adds the register() and unregister() private methods,
 * which callers may use it the commands they submit to the Conference.
class Conference extends Agent<Long> {
    def Conference() { super(0) }
    private def register(long num) { data += num }
    private def unregister(long num) { data -= num }

final Agent conference = new Conference()  //new Conference created

 * Three external parties will try to register/unregister concurrently

final Thread t1 = Thread.start {
    conference << {register(10L)}               //send a command to register 10 attendees

final Thread t2 = Thread.start {
    conference << {register(5L)}                //send a command to register 5 attendees

final Thread t3 = Thread.start {
    conference << {unregister(3L)}              //send a command to unregister 3 attendees

[t1, t2, t3]*.join()
assert 12L == conference.val

For latest update, see the Agent section of the User Guide and the respective Demos.