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. You'll need a fairly recent jEdit distribution.
Right now BSF isn't yet released with inbuilt Groovy support so you have to add the following code to the startup script in

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The Groovy mode for jEdit is in the SVN since July, 9th 2004.
It is included in standard jEdit setup.
In order to know if you have this mode, check that the file <jEdit_Home>/modes/groovy.xml exists.

Console Commando Plugin

1. Install Console plugin in jEdit.
2. Copy the attachment on this wiki: groovy.xml into your $HOME/.jedit/console/commando/groovy.xml
   (NOTE: I hardcoded my groovy path. Change it if it doesn't match yours.)
3. jEdit Menu: Plugins>Console>Regen menu.
4. jEdit Menu: Plugins>Plugin Options..., On left pick
Console>Compile&Run, Then select groovy file type and set your
compiler/interpreter to "groovy" selection.

Now you may open up any groovy script and Run Commando..., Default F5
will re-run the last command.