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A full-stack (web application) framework's primary goals are to provide a single set of components, covering the entire spectrum of things you'll need to build web applications, and to ensure that those components work well with one another. [1]

Tynamo's mission is to make web application development in Java simpler. We leverage existing technologies where possible and provide integrations with proven, clean and compact libraries rather than limit ourselves only to standard Java (JSRs). Tynamo is both comprehensive and modular so you are free to choose the parts you like from our full stack. Certainly, we follow standards where possible but we drive towards simplicity rather than conformance. We are not interested in reinventing the wheel, but we leverage existing projects and libraries where ever possible. And finally, we like Tapestry and our modules use Tapestry IoC extensively. We are well aware of most other front-end Jab web technologies, but we don't use Wicket, Spring MVC, Stripes, Struts, Shale or any other and we are not planning to integrate with those technologies.