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The Groovy-Eclipse team is proud to announce the first milestone release of the Groovy-Eclipse plugin. In this release, we have focused on ensuring that the basic edit-compile-run/test/debug loop works as smoothly as possible. Unlike version 1 of the plugin, this version is based upon a new approach to integrating the groovy compiler into eclipse. We have extended the Eclipse JDT compiler to be pluggable by other compilers for Java-like languages. We have plugged in groovyc so that the JDT can build and manipulate both Java and Groovy files in the same project (for more information, please read our earlier blog post, A Groovier Eclipse Experience). Importantly, this approach enables incremental compilation to work for a multi-language project. We have also put significant effort into ensuring that Groovy developers can naturally use the same standard Eclipse Java facilities that Java developers have become reliant on. This includes facilities like: JUnit testing, debugging, content assist, early error indication, open-type, and outline views. Full feature details are below.

The update site (and all future milestone update sites) is here:

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