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Project administration is accessible through the "Configuration" menu.

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Only project administrators can access project settings (See Security Authorization).

Adding a Project

Adding a A project to SonarQube is not done through the web interface, but automatically when the project is is automatically added to SonarQube when analyzed for the first time. Note that you can also provision projects.

Deleting a Project

You can delete a project by clicking on Project Deletion in the left menu.through Configuration > Deletion:

Note also that a service to delete several projects at the same time is available since version 3.2. projects can also be deleted in bulk.

Updating Project Key

Since version 3.2, the The project key can be updated (without losing the history on the project). Go to Configuration > Update Key:


Setting Quality Profiles

Project administrators can select which quality profile to use for each language on their project. Go to Configuration > Quality Profiles:

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Excluding Files

It is possible to exclude files from being analyzed. Go to Configuration > Settings > Exclusions and set the sonar.exclusions property.

Since version 3.3, it is also possible to:
  • Exclude tests file from being analyzed: go to Configuration > Settings > Exclusions and set the sonar.tests.exclusions property
  • Set global exclusions that will apply to all the projects: go to Settings > General Settings > Exclusions and set the and properties.


titleCoding rules

If you want to exclude source code from being check against some coding rules, you can have a look at the Switch Off Violations plugin.

Since version 3.5, it is also possible to:

  • Set the files to be analyzed through the sonar.inclusions and sonar.test.inclusions properties. In this case, only these specific files will be analyzed.
  • Exclude some files from being checked against duplications. To do so, set the sonar.cpd.exclusions property (Configuration > Settings > Duplications).

There are two different ways to exclude/include files:

Fully qualified name of the component (see red frames below):
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For Java only, replace '.' package separator by '/' and add '.java' extension.

Code Block
# Exclude all classes ending by 'Bean'
# Matches,, etc.
# Exclude all classes in the 'org.sonar' package
# Matches,
# But does not match
# Exclude all classes in the 'org.sonar' package and its children
# Matches,,


Absolute path:

Code Block
# Exclude all the *.cs files included in /path_to_my_project/myProject/src/generated and its subdirectories
# Exclude all the java classes contained in a src/generated/java directory and its subdirectories


The new key must match the following regular expression: [0-9a-zA-Z:-_\.:]+

Note that the validity of the new key is not currently verified. See


Setting Quality Profiles and Quality Gate

Project administrators can select which:

  • Quality profiles (go to Configuration > Quality Profiles)
  • Quality gate (go to Configuration > Quality Gate)

 to use on their project.

Setting Exclusions

See Narrowing the Focus.

Customizing Links

To add links to your project, click on Links in the left menugo to Configuration > Links:

They are two types of links:

These links have to be defined in the analysis configuration file:


They can not be modified through the web interface.

Any link can be added through the web interface.Those  Those links can be displayed on a dashboard by adding the Description widget.

Configuring Plugins

Several plugins can be configured at project level to override the plugin's global settings. Go to Configuration > Settings.