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Comment: Update change URL to work with all kind of sourceforge issues (bugs, patch, feature requests, ...)


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  <system>sourceforge</system><!--don't care-->

(Note the &amp; instead of &)Do not forget to set your own sourceforge group_id.

Then add the changes plugin to the reports:

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You need to customize atid, group_id, aid for your project.

group_id refers to your project
atid refers to the section (bugs, feature request or patch)
aid refers to the issue number

Now in your change.xml, you can put:


This will generate a link for your issue like this:
%URL% = by replacing %ISSUE% with issue attribut value. (With the previous example:;group_id=61302
%ISSUE% = 1554148The only problem I have with this configuration is I can't add a link for feature requests or patches (only bugsaid=1554148)

Deploy the site

  • Add a distribution management section to your pom.xml:
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    Use the correct directory for your own project. Note that you have to use lowercase for the directories, otherwise the Maven plugin will try to create directories where it has no permissions.