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Yes, there are two suggested approaches:

  • Using EMC
  • Using JMockit (requires Java 6)

Using EMC

Here we are calling Arrays.sort() directly - normally that would be the problematic code within your class under test.


More details about this approach: ExpandoMetaClass - Adding static methods

Using JMockit

If you are in a position to use Java 6, you should also consider using JMockit.

Code Block
// require(url:'', jar='jmockit.jar')
// require(url:'', jar='jmockit-asm2.jar')
// needs to be run with "-javaagent:jmockit.jar"
// and "-Xbootclasspath/a:jmockit.jar;.;jmockit-asm2.jar"
// The bootclasspath option is only required because we are mocking
// a class from the java.* package (part of the bootclasspath for Java)

import mockit.Mockit

// non-mocked first to show normal case
String[] things = ['dog', 'ant', 'bee', 'cat']
println things // => {"ant", "bee", "cat", "dog"}

Mockit.redefineMethods(Arrays, MockArrays)

things = ['dog', 'ant', 'bee', 'cat']
println things // => {"dog", "elk", "ape", "cat"}