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Below are


boo versions of the examples in Martin Fowler's blog on closures


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class emp:
	public isManager = false
	public name = ""
	public salary = 100
	def ToString():
		return name

def managers(emps as List):
	return emps.Collect({ e as emp | return e.isManager})

def highPaid(emps as List):
	threshold = 150
	return emps.Collect({ e as emp | return e.salary > threshold})

def paidMore(amount as int):
	return { e as emp | return e.salary > amount}

emps = [emp(name:"Bill", isManager: true), emp(name: "Sally"), emp(name: "Molly", isManager: true)]
print managers(emps)

highPaid2 = paidMore(150)
john = emp(name: "John")
john.salary = 200
print highPaid2(john)