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The full JAVADOC documentation for JANINO is available online.



The specifications of the Java programming language:

  • Oracle America, Inc., 2011

Books that refer to the JANINO technology:


Some open source projects that use JANINO:

  • Pentaho Kettle – An open source ETL toolOptiq – A dynamic data management framework which is used by Apache Hive and Apache Drill
  • Virgo – the Java application server from Eclipse RT
  • Carbon – the WSO2 Carbon OSGi middleware platform of WSO2
  • Groovy – an agile dynamic language for the JVM combining lots of great features from languages like Python, Ruby and Smalltalk and making them available to the Java developers using a Java-like syntax.
  • Red Hat JBoss Rules / Drools – an augmented implementation of Forgy's Rete algorithm tailored for the Java language.The JAI BRMS – JBoss's business rules management system
  • The JAITools ("Java Advanced Imaging") library includes JIFFLE, an image scripting language, that is compiled with JANINO.
  • JINX – Java multi-user unix-like system.
  • Farrago – an extensible RDBMS framework with a hybrid Java/C++/UML architecture.
  • Scripteffect – a Java VST audio plugin that enables audio developers or musicans to run Java code directly in their favorite audio VST host.
  • Deimos – a Java-based 3D space combat game.