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The intent of this page is to track ideas related to UI tools currently in core/modules/contrib and future directions

  • For starters, we are now at a point where we can mix together SwingBuilder/SwingXBuilder/GraphicsBuilder/JideBuilder into a single UberSwingBuilder, in order to accomplish that we must at least complete the following tasks
    • move timingframework related behavior from SwingBuilder to SwingXBuilder- (Done as of 1 Oct)
    • standardize how builders register their factories
    • will each builder (except swingbuilder) retain its individuality or will they be fused ?
  • GraphicsBuilder
    • activate swing() node
    • drop internal FactoryBuilderSupport (Done as of 4 Oct)
  • JideBuilder
    • switch factories to groovy.util.Factory (Done as of 4 Oct)
  • SwingBuilder - non-essential
    • The concept of a mini-builder that only registers factories and has a nodeCompleted function, since some components that users might want to add could need a nodeCompleted to work efficiently. It would not live on its own and needs to be joined to a full-fledged builder. One use could be if someone choose to package up the components that are in SwingX incubator.
    • Add code to manage LaF stuff (nothing fancy, just setting the LaF from the builder, updating the tree, and failsafe-ing to the SystemLaF, or anything but Metal)
      James--I find myself including the same little function to manage this stuff in almost every demo I've written.
      Andres--not surprisingly enough JIDE also has utilities for this, may be useful in the UberBuilder.
  • SwingXBuilder
    • DSL for keframe definitions (timingframework related)
  • Provide MacOS X integration for graphical tools other than GroovyConsole (like the inspector).
    • Continue upgrading MacOS X support in GroovyConsole

Stuff to watch out for

  • Swiby - Swiby is a blend of Swing and Ruby for truly rich distributed applications.
  • JavaFX - Project OpenJFX is a project of the OpenJFX community for sharing early versions of the JavaFX Script language and for collaborating on its development.

Current status

  • Danno will look into a DSL for keyframes + timingframework
  • James will look at a Grade/GTK+XML importer
  • Andres will look into GraphicsBuilder/SwingBuilder integration
  • the uber builder will be deferred after 1.1 comes out