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Code Block
<condition type="variable" id="isNew">
<condition type="not" id="isUpgrade">
  <condition type="ref" refid="isNew"/>
  <!-- The 'severity' attribute on this element violates the schema. A patch was 
       created and a pull request submitted at https://github.com/izpack/izpack/pull/140
       to change this attribute to 'status' in accordance with the schema. 
       'severity' works, but your IDE may tell you that the you're in violation
       of the schema if you have schema validation enabled. -->
  <installerrequirement condition="isUpgrade" severity="WARNING" messageid="not.an.upgrade.warning.message"/>
  <panel classname="HelloPanel"/>
  <panel classname="TargetPanel">
      <!-- This definition does not work in the latest development builds. Commenting out for now. -->
    <!-- <validator classname="DynamicInstallerRequirementValidator"/>
-->   </panel>
  <panel classname="PacksPanel"/>
  <panel classname="InstallPanel"/>
  <panel classname="FinishPanel"/>



Please see the note in the code above about severity vs status.

The severity the validator should apply in case of the condition gets true.

Possible values: "WARNING" | "ERROR"

  •  "WARNING"
    Shows a warning message but does not abort.
  • "ERROR"
    Shows a message and aborts the installation.
A valid condition ID defined within the <conditions/> element.noneyes
A valid message ID from the appropriate translation file. If it can't be found the mentioned ID itself is displayed instead of the translated text.noneyes


Installer Expiration - <expiresdate>

In addition to <dynamicinstallerrequirements>, the entire installer can easily expire on a specified date.  This is configured with the expiresdate info element.

Code Block
  <!-- Make the installer expire -->

The value of expiresdate is a date formatted as "YYYY-MM-DD".  If expiresdate is not specified, the installer will not expire.  If expiresdate is specified incorrectly, installation compilation will fail with a relevant message.  If expiresdate is correctly specified and the system date is on or later than the specified date, the installer will expire with a brief message.