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There are a couple of drawbacks to this:

  • it introduced the possibility of error (the user has to look up the exactly correct attribute descriptor).
  • It "mixing up "query" api with "metadata" description (a mistake me made earlier when Filter required an AttributeType)
  • it is needlessly complicated

To back up this bug a code review of all feature store implementations show that:

  • implementors noticed the waste of time and simply use the provided AttributeDescriptor as as String (using descriptor.getLocalName())
  • i the case of JDBCDataStore they look up the correct attribute descriptor by Name and silently substitute.



Code Block
interface implements FeatureStore<T,F> extends FeatureSource<T,F> {
   modifyFeature( AttributeDescriptor type, Object value, Filter filter );
   modifyFeature( AttributeDescriptor type[], Object value[], Filter filter );