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GeoTools was really well represented at this years Free and Open Source Geospatial conference. One of the advantages of being a library is that we can really be everywhere. The downside is that even if you attended the conference (wasn't it great!) you could not of managed to catch all that we had going on.

I am going to start with just a list of links and then try and ask the authors for a couple of comments on how their lab / presentation / demo went. I made a point of talking to people in the evenings and asking about their favourite presentations - where possible I have shared their comments.


The final question was geared toward the value of OSGeo as a foundation. Here are some notes on the value of OSGeo:

  • GeoTools Developers - guidance with the few legal issues raised (how to we write a contributor agreement etc...)
  • GeoTools Users - documentation! While we could approach OSGeo for funding I would feel uncomfortable accepting money until we are through graduation.
  • GeoServer developers - contacts with other projects; in particular the #osgeo channel is well received
  • gvSig Developers - brand recognition

Demo Theatre

The Demo Theatre was very well received; and for me at least it was a great way to see what projects were while basking in the warm glow of caffine and/or lunch. There were a few standout presentations (route finder, open street maps and gvSig did really well). Most of the usual suspects were much too busy doing presentations - so this stage ended up being a good view of the exhibitors and interesting little projects.