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titleVersion status: 0.34.1 0 stable - used in production

Uses RestEASY 3.0-beta-4 .7.Final and Tapestry 5.34.x

for older versions check the version table


tapestry-resteasy provides integration with Tapestry 5 and JBoss' RESTEasy, an implementation JAX-RS (Java API for RESTful Web Services). JAX-RS is a very nice little spec and if you know what it is about, the following should be very easy to understand. Otherwise, read up on it at Jersey's overview (the reference implementation) or the actual specification. JBoss' RESTEasy provides a few more features over the reference implementation.


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No need to edit your web.xml.


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You could use JAXB and Jackson together but be aware of the possible conflicts with the JAXB providers



The default mapping prefix under which your rest resources are available is "rest". You can easily change this by overriding the symbol in your application defaults:

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    public static void setApplicationDefaults(MappedConfiguration<String, Object> configuration) {
         configuration.add(ResteasySymbols.MAPPING_PREFIX, "/api");


If you get this exception:


Check google for more information:


version table



tapestry-resteasyTapestryRESTEasynotes: tapestry-resteasy-0.0.1 guide