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Last year we were a little bit terrible; we ended up gathering up laptops and ignoring the conference while we hacked away on things near and far. This year the organizers were kind enough to organize a "Code SpringSprint". We had a great time, and it freed us up to pay attention to our user community.


Given our ambition we did not finish in a day, or even three. As late as Tuesday the following a week a dedicated bunch of volunteers was still putting the parts back together.


Day 1

We started transition by "excluding" the usual GeoTools Feature and implementation classes from our build; and then went around fixing the compile errors.

Or we would of liked to but Internet / SVN access was spotty. We relocated after lunch to Refractions and proceeded to hack until all hours. Simone and the uDig crew joined us after 5pm and they had done amazing things with raster rendering speed (wow!).

Justin was lost into the abyss of main (updating a lot of dead code that is unused).
Jody was updating shapefile, CQL etc...
Zorn was kind enough to update the demo modules.

We were all very productive until David Blasby showed up and started getting everyone to play their presentations for him (smile)

After dinner we came back to Refractions and if anything rendering rasters in uDig was even more amazing.

Day 2

Chris Holmes and David Windslow joined the fray - David is getting a really scary introduction to GeoTools and is sending patches to Justin as he works through modules like validation (smile)

Andrea finished up renderer and jdbc and started in on PostGIS.
Jody finished up shape file.

Day 3

Starting up now - svn access seems to be down right now (boo hoo).

The gates have opened up on the jdbc datastores ... I think David and Chris will be working on that today.
Andrea is looking forward to updating his baby - PostGIS versioning.
Jody is proceeding with the wfs module.

I am pleased to report that today (a week later) Andrea was able to report back with an all clear!


Subject: Trunk builds for me (smile)
Hi all,
breaking news, I managed to finally get a full build out of trunk (the bad news is that it took 12minutes).
I just had to fix some unit tests in shapefile renderer, and while I was at it, fixed mysql as well (that is, made all of its runtime tests pass against a real database).

Now, we just need to get the server back in shape.

The combination of a successful gathering of the tribes, and with this roadblock removed, the future can only be better!