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Martin Desruisseaux - GeoAPI Admin, Geotools PMC

  • The GeoAPI release process, Helps talk us through specifications, Impementing CRS & Reprojection in Geotools

Andrea Amie - Geotools PMC

  • Answers our lite renderer questions, recreationally rewrites entire geotool subsystems, enjoys challenge

Jesse Eichar - Refractions Reseach, Geotools Module Maintainer

  • Implementing UDIG Rendering System, Grid Coverage Exchange

Jody Garnett - Refractions Research, Geotools PMC

  • Developement Framework and User experience

Simone Giannecchini - GeoSolutions, Geotools PMC

  • Coverage plugins, Coverage module, Coverage rendering.

Richard Gould - Refractions Research, Geotools Module Maintainer

  • Implementing UDIG WMS, GCE, Printing Engine

Chris Holmes - GeoServer Project Lead, Geotools PMC, GeoAPI Admin

  • Datastore implementor, Seems to QA/improve all that he touches

James Macgill - Geotools Exalted Leader

David Zwiers - Refractions Research, Geotools Module Maintainer

  • WFS / GML and Opperations API

Rueben Schulz

  • Documentation and Coordinate Transformation Services