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Jikes RVM version 3.1.1 has been released and is available for download at

Details are given below, or are browsable online in our JIRA instance at

New Feature

  • RVM-839 - Support for Reference Types in the MMTk Harness
  • RVM-841 - Make it possible to query the compiler to direct optimization
  • RVM-845 - Primitive write barrier support


  • RVM-846 - MMTk Harness: Provide command-line option for watching addresses
  • RVM-848 - Update bootimage writter with known static fields for Harmony classlib
  • RVM-861 - Refactor bulkCopy optimisations for RVMArray arraycopy's


  • RVM-184 - MarkCompactLocal.compact():80 assertion failure
  • RVM-604 - Require two different host JVMs to successfully build on Linux/PowerPC
  • RVM-639 - Spec JVM 98 javac failing with Harmony
  • RVM-693 - Regression in TestSerialization with Harmony
  • RVM-827 - Crash in GC while running Eclipse IDE
  • RVM-831 - Incomplete implementation of GetFieldID and GetStaticFieldID
  • RVM-832 - Mature space mutator allocator reset before semi-space flip
  • RVM-833 - GC failures with ia32 BaseBase compiler, ExtremeAssertions and -X:gc:verbose=1
  • RVM-834 - Assertion failure in ExtremeAssertionsBaseBaseSemiSpace
  • RVM-836 - Static initialization loop in Generational collectors
  • RVM-838 - MMTk Harness 'Spawn' script fails with an NPE on multiprocessors
  • RVM-840 - MMTk Harness fails on Poisoned heap collector
  • RVM-854 - Failed to find a value to spill when
  • RVM-856 - RVM fails to build under OS X 10.6
  • RVM-860 - ExtremeAssertionsOptAdaptive compiler failure for jvm98 _227_mtrt on ppc32
  • RVM-862 - 2 static fields using an identic slot
  • RVM-863 - BumpPointer.scanRegion can cause a page fault
  • RVM-864 - Build failure using IBM Java 6 SDK as host JVM on linux-ia32
  • RVM-879 - Mark Compact does not work with Native Threads
  • RVM-887 - RVM failure at startup when using -Xbootclasspath (Trying to load a class too early in the booting process)
  • RVM-889 - JSR166 tck fails EntryTest, PriorityQueueTest and PriorityBlockingQueueTest
  • RVM-890 - MarkCompact broken by new threading model
  • RVM-894 - MMTk Harness doesn't allow Log.writeln in constructors