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NOTE This decision can be deferred until Spring 3.1 ships with the iBatis 3.x configuration support. The iBatis 3.x support will be tackled in this issue

Service Activating Activity Configuration

Activiti has to be able to activate Java-based services as part of a process definition (not yet implemented as of alpha4). Spring users will want to be able to resolve services from Spring configuration.

Implememtation Notes

The ExpressionManager and ScriptingEngines are the key abstractions in Activiti. The ProcessEngineFactory allows customization of the ExpressionManager by injecting an ELResolver and this might already be enough.


Users need to strategise the Activiti IdentityService. It can be injected into the ProcessEngineFactory directly.

Spring Infrastructure

Spring provides a fully fledged infrastructure to run JAVA based application in a standalone and JEE server environment with special support for the most common application servers like Websphere, Weblogic. The most important infrastructure implementation and their benefits for Activiti will be outlines below.