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The <resources> contains the <res> elements that identify each resource. The following attributes may be specified:

  • id is the
     The identifier of the resource The panels documentation lists the ids to be used.
  • src is the
    The path in your staging area to the resource.
  • parse (optional, yes or no with the , default being no) specifies
    Specifies whether the resource will be parsed at compilation time. Parsing will replace variables in text / xml / properties files.
  • type specifies parsexml (optional, valid values: true|false, default: false)
    If set true, the resource will not be added to the installer "as is", but it is parsed as XML and the result of this parsing is added as valid XML file to the installer.
    One use case for this is if there are used <xi:xinclude /> elements in the referred resources, which must be resolved at compile time and replaced by the included XML code, in case the href attribute <xi:xinclude/> is no longer valid at installation time.
  • type (optional)
    Specifies the parsing mode to adapt to specific file formats: plain (default), java, shell, at, ant, javaprop, xml.


If multiple packsLang-files were defined, all files will be merged into a single temporary file. This allows refpack files to provide their own internationalization-information.


The following sample shows a <resources> element in an installation file. It specifies resources required for 2 of the panels.

Code Block
titleSample IzPack installation description with resources
<installation version="5.0"
              xsi:schemaLocation="http://izpack.org/schema/installation http://izpack.org/schema/5.0/izpack-installation-5.0.xsd">


  <guiprefs width="800" height="600" resizable="no">

    <res id="InfoPanel.info" src="doc/readme.txt" parse="yes"/>
    <res id="LicencePanel.licence" src="legal/License.txt"/>

    <panel classname="HelloPanel"/>
    <panel classname="InfoPanel"/>
    <panel classname="LicencePanel"/>
    <panel classname="TargetPanel"/>
    <panel classname="InstallPanel"/>
    <panel classname="FinishPanel"/>
    <pack name="Core" required="yes">
      <description>The Sample core files.</description>
      <file targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH" src="doc/readme.txt"/>
      <file targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH" src="legal/License.txt"/>