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For a comprehensive manual how to manage Codehaus deployments see Performing a Release. 

For your own security, using --batch-mode is not really recommended since you have to enter your GPG passphrase in clear text on the command line, which could be saved for example in .bash_history. Rather wait and enter this passphrase as soon as Maven requests it on the command line input.

As an example, we will consider the release of version 5.20.0-rc2.

Do a dry run

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mvn -Dtag=izpack-5.0.0-rc2 release:prepare [--batch-mode] -DdryRun=true \
                    -DdevelopmentVersion-DreleaseVersion=5.20.10-SNAPSHOT \
                    -DreleaseVersionrc2 -DdevelopmentVersion=5.20.0 \
                    -DpreparationGoals='clean verify install' \
-rc3-SNAPSHOT -Dusername=<your_codehaus_login>


Build locally and prepare the staging repository at Codehaus Nexus:

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mvn release:clean
mvn release:prepare [--batch-mode] \
                    -DdevelopmentVersion=5.2.1-SNAPSHOT \
                    -DreleaseVersion=5.2.0 \
                    -DpreparationGoals='clean verify install' \
                    -Dusername=your_codehaus_login-Dtag=izpack-5.0.0-rc2 release:prepare -DreleaseVersion=5.0.0-rc2 -DdevelopmentVersion=5.0.0-rc3-SNAPSHOT -Dusername=<your_codehaus_login>

mvn release:perform -Dusername=your_codehaus_login


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git push origin master
git push --tags origin master

and to Codehaus (provided a remote codehaus initialized to ssh://git@git.codehaus.org/izpack.git):

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git push codehaus master
git push --tags codehaus master


Close, promote and release from the staging repository at Codehaus Nexus:


Now you can reset the local repository to the original state (or using FETCH_HEAD if the remote repository is still blocked and unchanged).

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git reset --hard  49a769a0eefa7476d5ccc3849692ffe7b6e5ed2e


  1. Use WebDAV at https://dav.codehaus.org/dist/izpack/ to push releases from the Maven repository
    Example 5.0.0-rc1:
    Copy izpack/izpack-dist/target/izpack-dist-5.0.0-rc1.jar  to  webdavs://dav.codehaus.org/dist/izpack/releases/5.0.0-rc1/izpack-dist-5.0.0-rc1-installer.jar
  2. Use the following channels for announcements:
    Website izpack.org: https://github.com/izpack/izpack.github.com, automatically deployed to http://izpack.org
    Blog news.izpack.org: Register and post an announcement. This is automatically forwarded to Twitter and Facebook.
    Mailing list: user@izpack.codehaus.organnounce@izpack.codehaus.org
    Google+ group IzPack (in case you're a maintainer): https://plus.google.com/105618715093492300071/posts
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/izpack
    IzPack.org website: https://github.com/izpack/izpack.github.com, automatically deployed to http://izpack.org
    Twitter (ping @jponge): @izpack