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A handful of webwork actions and views that use Berkano User. Provides an includable xwork.xml.

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In your main xwork.xml, provided berkano-user-mgt-VERSION.jar is in your classpath, you can do something along the lines of:

Code Block
<include  file="berkano-usermgt-xwork.xml"/>
<package name="usermanagement" namespace="/usermanagement" extends="berkano-usermanagement"/>
<package name="lostpassword" namespace="/lostpassword" extends="berkano-lostpassword/>
<package name="profile" namespace="/profile" extends="berkano-profile"/>

Note that you could also extend a package from your own application (extends="berkano-profile,myapp-package" for instance) and/or define custom interceptor stacks for each package, etc..

You'll also need a xwork's validation framework setup correctly. As from webwork-2.2, defaults are provided, so you don't need to do anything specific. However, if you use custom validators, you should make sure you the validators used by berkano-user-mgt are available. (check the sources for details, then)