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Considering our limited human resources and time constraints, it is hard to give definitive and accurate estimates of the milestones we are going to release.

Groovy 2.



Groovy 2.2 3 is the latest stable version of Groovy.

Feature set

  • Implicit closure coercion
  • @Memoized AST transformation to add memoization to methods
  • @Log4j2 AST transformation providing a Log4j2 logging variant
  • @BaseScript AST transformation to define the script's base script class
  • A DelegatingScript base script class to delegate all property accesses and methods calls to a delegatee object
  • Refinements to the type checking extensions (precompilation of extensions, new events, dynamic calls in static context)
  • Various GDK improvements
  • Groovysh improvements with tab completion (of imports, class names, method names, file names)


  • Groovy 2.2 finale: November 2013 (tick)

Groovy 2.3 (Q2 2014)

Feature set for consideration

  • Static traits
  • Finer-grained implicit closure coercion (depending on number and type of closure arguments)
  • Closure signature hints for APIs for better type inference and IDE tooling
  • @TailRecursive AST transformation for methods
  • Class-loading-less compilation 
    • using ASM when needed, to avoid loading/initializing classes needed during the compilation
  • Stub-less joint compilation
    to avoid various problems with the stubs and the various compilation phasesofficial support for running Groovy on JDK 8
  • traits, as a new object oriented way of composing behavior in your classes
  • new and improved AST transformations like @TailRecursive@Builder and @Sortable
  • a new NIO2 module with Path support
  • lightening fast JSON parsing and building
  • closure parameter type inference
  • a new markup template engine
  • Groovysh and GroovyConsole ease of use improvements
  • a new GroovyAssert test utility
  • more @BaseScript class capabilities, and more.


  • Groovy 2.3 beta: February-March 2014
  • Groovy 2.3 release candidates: April 2014
  • Groovy 2.3 finale: May 20142014 

Groovy 3.0 (Q4 2014)

Feature set for consideration

  • New Meta-Object Protocol dedicated 
    • to fully leverage "invoke dynamic" (method handles, class values, etc)
    • make the sedimented dynamic features more coherent
    • to fix the private visibility conundrum 
    • to shield libraries from "monkey patching" with a notion of "realm"
  • Rewrite the Groovy grammar from scratch with Antlr 4
    • in particular adapt to the Java 8 language features
      • lambdas
      • method references
      • default methods in interfaces
      • annotations on types
      • repeated annotations
  • Java 8 / JDK 8 support
    • lambdas
    • method references
    • default methods in interfaces
    • annotations on types
    • repeated annotations
    • stream API
    • date / time API


  • Groovy 3.0 alpha: end of Q1 Q3 2014
  • Groovy 3.0 betas: Q2 and Q3 2014Q4 2014 - Q1 21015
  • Groovy 3.0 release candidates: mid Q4 2014Q1 2015
  • Groovy 3.0 final: end of Q4 2014Q2 2015

Groovy 4.0 (Q4 2015)

Feature set for consideration

  • No concrete plans at the moment

Other topics we could consider for later Groovy

  • true named arguments
  • compiler related:
    • investigate making the groovyc compiler multithreaded
    • Incremental compiler
  • ability to pass expression trees / AST nodes as parameters (see C# 4's own expression tree)
  • lexical categories
  • a symbol concept, a bit like Ruby's :symbol, or like Java interned strings
  • co-routines and/or generators
  • pattern matching
  • parser combinators
  • a native template engine compiling to AST (faster, correct line numbers for error reporting, optimized outputting, etc.)
  • ...