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  • Plugins
    • Refactor Plugin Manager
      • Removal of the Plugin Registry (done)
      • Load Plugin dependencies into a separate ClassRealm (done)
      • JC: Clean up the API for public consumption (so we can
        have a good way to orchestrate plugin execution from
        within a mojo, for example)
    • Plugin Execution Environment: Ability to run any version of a
      plugin where an environment is created which contains all the
      requirements for a particular version of the Plugin API
      • Expressions: supporting old annotations and allowing for
        new ones. The expression evaluator would become part of
        the execution environment
    • Plugin API
      • expression
      • DOM related classes into the API
      • JC: function handlers loadable as build extensions
      • JC: XPath expression syntax as alternative to what we
        have now (maybe look into jxpath)
    • Schematron/RelaxNG descriptor for each plugin
      • JC: What's wrong with XSD for this? Far, far more tools
        support it.
    • Remove the use of separate plugin repositories. We only need
      to pull resources from one repository
      • JC: This forces users with proprietary/custom plugins to
        run a repository proxy. Why is this critical??
    • Symmetric output expressions
  • Reporting
    • Report Execution Environment: Ability to run any version of a
      report where an environment is created which contains all the
      requirements for a particular version of the Report API
    • Decouple reporting from core
    • JC: Decouple reporting API from Doxia
  • Decouple script-based Plugins from the core
    • We should just completely push this out of the core
  • Refactor Project Builder
    • Pluggable model readers
      • A new terse format that uses attributes
      • Allow mixin capabilities using an import directive
      • Automatic parent versioning
    • JC: Pipelining of the various steps occurring in the project
      builder now, according to a strict and well-documented
  • Execution Configuration
    • Remove Settings from the core and make it a user facing
    • Have one configuration model for request
    • Have one configuration model for session: session takes the
      request in the constructor and delegates
  • Domain logging
  • Location/Attribute driven behavior
    • JC: This is just going back over the Convention over Configuration stuff, and pushing as much as we can into automated "special" locations where Maven just knows how to handle that sort of content, right?
      • filtering
      • velocity pre-processing
      • etc?
  • Clearly separate project-own dependencies and plugin dependencies
    • the commandline option -U ('update snapshots') needs to either update plugin snapshots+deps, or project deps, not both (MNG-724 - marked won't fix - why?)
  • More/Better diagnostic and validation tools
    • better diagnosis for errors
    • better validation of project configurations (dependencies and scopes, plugin config, portability, reproducibility, etc.)

These are design discussion documents which will be integrated with the taxonomy