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  • useHeadingPanel General switch for heading. If this key does not exist or does not have the value "yes" no heading panel will be shown.
  • headingImageOnLeft Option to allow displaying the heading image on the left of the header instead of the default (right side). Only valid if heading panel is used.
  • useHeadingForSummary In the language files there are entries for the heading text ('Panel name.headline') and the summary caption ('Panel name.summaryCaption'). If this modifier is set to "yes", the text of the heading will be also used for the summary caption.
  • headingLineCount Number of heading lines. If no info lines should be shown the value should be one (not zero).
  • headingFontSize A float value used as multiplier for the standard font size.
  • headingBackgroundColor Background color of the heading panel as integer. Often used is 0x00ffffff (white).
  • headingForegroundColor Font color of the heading panel as integer. Often used is 0x00ffffff (white).
  • headingPanelCounter Draw a panel counting. Possible values are "text" or "progressbar". inHeading the progressbar will be not the best choice.
  • headingPanelCounterPos Declares where the counter will be shown. Possible are "inHeading" or "inNavigationPanel". If "inNavigationPanel" is chosen, the panel counter can be used also no heading was selected.
  • headingImageBorderSize Decalres the border size around the heading panel

Example: Modifiers to create an IzPack installation with heading, no button and label icons and a panel text counter in the heading panel:


Code Block
  <str id="installer.quit.reversemessage" txt="Are you sure you want to cancel installation?"/>
  <str id="installer.quit.reversetitle" txt="$APP_NAME $APP_VER"/>


Adding a Splash Page

The <splash> element specifies the path to the image to be used a a splash key modifier is used to indicate that the installer should show a splash screen. The path is relative to the installation root
The value of the splash key modifer represents the minimum amount of time to show the splash screen in milliseconds.
The image should be defined as a resource with the id of Splash.image.
The image can be any bitmap format such as png, jpg, jpeg, gif or bmp.
Note: Older installers using the <splash> tag will find that their splash image no longer appears. Please adapt this new syntax.

Code Block
titleSample IzPack installation description
<installation version="5.0"
              xsi:schemaLocation="http://izpack.org/schema/installation http://izpack.org/schema/5.0/izpack-installation-5.0.xsd">


  <guiprefs width="800" height="600" resizable="no">
    <splash>images/peas_load.gif</splash>	 <!-- Show the splashScreen for a minimum of 1000 milliseconds -->	
	 <modifier key="useSplashScreen" value="1000"/>	

    <!--Define the splash screen image as a reading just like a heading image -->
    <res id="Splash.image" src="images/splash.png"/>

<laf> - Look and Feel