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In order to have BPMN code completion and validation, import BPMN's XML Schemas from activiti-engine/src/main/resources/org/activiti/impl/bpmn/parser into the Eclipse XML Catalog, which can be found in Preferences --> XML --> XMLCatalog.

Coding style


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ACT-826 Fixed all problems in the world

Running the test suite using Spring configuration


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mvn -Pcheckspring clean install

to run the test suite on spring configuration only or

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mvn -Pcheck,checkspring clean install

to combine running the engine testsuite on an Activiti config as well as on a Spring config

If you run the checkspring profile, the spring module will copy the engine tests over to the spring module before compiling and running the tests.  Those tests are deleted in the 'package' build phase

If you need to debug spring configuration test cases, just execute a 

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mvn -Pcheckspring clean test

in the activiti-spring module, then refresh your IDE and the classes and spring configuration will be in your activiti-spring project ready to be debugged.

Checkin when test is failing