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  • Check out Cargo from SVN into a CARGOHOME directory (wherever you want on your machine).
  • In case your SVN client needs to go through a proxy, have a look at What if I'm behind a proxy?
  • Install Maven 2. Verify your installation works by typing "mvn --version" at a command prompt.
    • CARGO requires Maven 2.0.5 or greater to run
    • CARGO requires Maven 2.1 or greater to compile; in particular the core/samples builds require that version of Maven
titleMaven3 Maven 3 support

CARGO 1.0.x's Maven 2 plugins do work very well with Maven 3, but CARGO 1.0.x requires Maven 2 for its build process.
Starting from CARGO 1.1.x, CARGO also builds on Maven 3, see CARGO-789: Make build work with Maven 3.0.