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Example cases


  • ToDo
  • Archived

Example processes

Simple, basic, reusable review and approve



  • Manual: Select site in Alfresco and select people and rules for how to deciding on the date
  • Automatic: Create agenda wiki page in Alfresco
  • Automatic: Create doodle (rest api available)
  • Automatic: After date has been established
  • Automatic: Schedule webex meeting
  • Manual: Addition of meeting minutes
  • It should be possible to start discussions on agenda points before the meeting.  Maybe the mechanism of discussions on topics (==subtasks) could be used as meeting minutes.  The conclusions can be forumated as discussion comments on the agenda items too.  Action items should be subtasks.

Expense note

Manual: Collect scans and images.  Maybe include Android facility

Automatic: Create spreadsheet overview


  • Collect data
  • Connect to kayak and expedia for finding options
  • Let user review and approve
  • Start expense note process


  • Manual: Negotiation with differentiation between internal and external authorization
  • Automatic: Google checkout API

Idea: specify username and password in Activiti if no account is available (like with doodle) and then activiti can take care of the registration process.

Activiti release process (Challenge)