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Options when compiling boo scripts.

Right now this is just a list of potential options for the boo compiler, some of which do not exist yet and may never exist.

For those options that can be on or off, this list suggests two names for each option, specifying if it is on or off. The first name listed is the default when no option is specified.

  • Static / Ducky - default type is duck instead of object. See Duck Typing.
  • (don't need this one I think, have booc handle it instead) Release / Debug - include debug messages, assert checks, etc.
  • (don't need this one) Warn / NoWarn - warning messages
  • (don't need this one) Verbose / Quiet - error messages
  • Checked / Unchecked - numeric overflow checking
  • NormalArrayIndexing / RawArrayIndexing - myarray[-1] raises an outofbounds exception instead of returning last item in array
  • (not part of boo) CaseSensitive / CaseInsensitive -
  • Implicit / Explicit - whether you need to declare variables before using them
  • StrictTyping

See also the C# and VB.NET compiler options.

Specifying the options on the command-line

Using booc, booi:

Code Block

Specifying the options in a boo file

This isn't implemented yet, just an idea:

Code Block
//Before namespace declaration:

Options RawArrayIndexing, Unchecked, Static