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Starting from CARGO version 1.1.0, the CARGO ANT tasks gained support for remote deployers. Please Here's a full example showing how to deploy a WAR to a remote Tomcat 6.x container.

Code Block

<taskdef resource="cargo.tasks">
    <pathelement location="path/to/cargo-uberjar.jar"/>
    <pathelement location="path/to/cargo-ant-tasks.jar"/>

<cargo containerId="tomcat6x" action="deploy" type="remote">
  <configuration type="runtime">
    <property name="cargo.hostname" value="production27"/>
    <property name="cargo.servlet.port" value="8080"/>
    <property name="cargo.remote.username" value="admin"/>
    <property name="cargo.remote.password" value=""/>
    <deployable type="war" file="path/to/simple-war.war">
      <property name="context" value="application-context"/>

For more details, please check the example in the Remote Container section for the ANT tasks for details. The ANT tasks support the deployer actions deploy, undeploy and redeploy.