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May 16th and 20th 2011


Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Paul King
  • Dierk König
  • Guillaume Laforge
  • Jochen Theodorou
  • Andrew Eisenberg
  • Andres Almiray
  • Peter Ledbrook
  • Burt Beckwith

Topics discussed

  • Integration of the Eclipse compiler (Andrew & Jochen)
    • gmaven and/or groovy-eclipse-compiler for maven
      • further investigate gmaven 3 polyglot support
        • does it reduce the need for some GMaven
      • for now don’t improve gmaven, use ant bridge instead
      • after joint compiler exists will use that
    • AST transformation issues?
      • should be okay
    • patches for Groovy
      • create a top-level JIRA issue
      • attach the patches related issue to the main issue
      • try and see if we can apply them all and/or adapt them on both sides
    • trim the current big package
    • CI task to automate the process
    • ant / maven / gradle support?
    • Groovy-eclipse compiler to generate stubs
  • Groovy governance (Guillaume)
    • Idea: meritocracy but aligned with codehaus guidelines
      • you must vote on big issues
      • have an application somewhere to assist in voting
      • Yes/No/”Maybe”/Veto/Yes (and I will implement)
      • Someone must take ownership of implementing the issue
      • limited time frame
  • Better capturing of API changes (Andres for investigation, potentially Jochen for an ASM tool)
    • investigating clirr / JDiff
      • potentially implement our own based on ASM if we need
  • Groovy documentation (Guillaume)
    • add MrHaki to
    • have versioned documentation /18/api
    • website
      • work with a designer for having a sexier / more professional website
    • specification
      • executable specification
      • inspiration from GinA for the content: chapter 3-9
      • more for improving quality, coverage, etc.
    • wiki
      • problem of outdated content, different styles
      • keep the wiki for user contributions
  • Git / GitHub
    • Git Codehaus as the main source reference w/ GitHub mirroring?
    • Inspiration
      • Look at what GPars is doing and see if it’s a better scheme
      • Look at the Wine project approach
    • Involve Matthew McCullough into the loop
    • Restructuring the SVN repository
      • Involve Ben Walding for picking up “just” groovy-core
  • Build improvements
    • Switch over to Gradle as main build technology
      • switch to Gradle for 1.9
        • including removing the Ant build
        • remove the pom?
      • for 1.8
        • maintain the Gradle build also for 1.8
        • keep the Ant build for 1.8
        • but try to make a release with Gradle
    • check why some tests are failing within Gradle
    • Some integration tests for e.g. command line params
    • Ability to build groovy core using groovy-eclipse (Andrew)
      • requires some restructuring of groovy project
    • Using other testing frameworks, e.g. Spock
      • for modules potentially
      • not for core
  • AST (Jochen & Andrew)
    • better GenericsType API...I want to be able to ask these questions:
      • Are you a type parameter or a type argument?
      • What is the class that declares the type parameter?
      • If a type argument, what parameter does it apply to?
      • I have a ClassNode that uses generics and is a redirect. In the ClassNode, I need to map from the type argument to the declared parameters. Not easy since class may have multiple super classes each declaring their own type parameters.
  • AST Transform Chaining (Andres)
  • Modularisation (Paul)
    • Grab support and IDEs (Andrew)
  • GDSL / DSLD (Peter/Andrew and Groovy Core team)
    • Andres has started some of the DSLD for @Bindable and others
    • to be continued at Hackergarten
    • contribute those GDSL / DSLD to Groovy itself
    • Dierk’s idea (smile) “grumpy” tool : idea of a “pedantic” flag involving GDSL / DSLD to check dynamic variables, unresolved references, etc
      • but probably requires the eclipse compiler
      • could turn the CodeNarc rules into compilation failures if not respected
  • Antlr 3 rewrite
    • Lidia, GSoC student working on that
      • see how far it goes, if it goes through
    • better tooling support, cleaner room grammar implementation
    • check if command chains could be used as expressions (for example as params of methods, etc)
  • Project Coin
    • done:
      • binary literals
      • underscore in numbers
      • diamond operator
        • at least, syntax level
      • multicatch
      • switch in string
    • not done:
      • varargs stuff not needed because the groovy compiler doesn’t complain anyway (smile)
        • once grumpy is there...
      • try / resources
        • see examples below for brainstorming
        • defer decision
  • Investigate @Deprecated / @(Un)Documented / @Override warnings / compilation errors
  • Performance improvements
    • ongoing primitive improvements
    • invokeDynamic
      • still watching the space, waiting for at least release candidates of JDK 7
  • Look into whether the GDK can benefit from command-chains
  • New features discussions
    • parser combinators
      • should be a module / experiment
      • have a look at (G/J)Parsec
    • tail recursion
      • possibilities
        • treturn keyword
        • a form of trampoline for methods
      • @TailRecursion
    • pattern matching (Guillaume and Jochen)
      • needs a GEP
        • needs obvious use cases that cannot be handled otherwise
        • inspiration of pointcuts for DSLD
    • functional aspects (investigate what makes sense for Groovy)
      • come up with use cases that would warrant inclusion
      • develop GEP(s) if needed
      • possible features
        • monads : no immediate action
        • for comprehensions (monadologie)
        • generators / lazy streams / iterators / coroutines
        • persistent / lazy collections
    • experimental @Checked annotation
      • needs to be fleshed out
      • can be pushed to the groovy transforms module
    • symbol concept
      • no obvious use case for now
        • ask Graeme for use cases
    • a “native” template engine
      • doesn’t seem worthwhile
  • Groovy 2.0 (topic delayed)
    • Deprecating “ugly” features
      • one char String is char
      • method calls taking a list as parameter is spread when only one method
      • one arg method called w/o arg → arg is null (check w/ closures) needs GEP issue: consistency of method vs class definition and call; also: methods that take a map parameter and the map is empty
    • separate “worlds” for specifying metaclasses
    • lexical categories (Dierk is against it (smile))
    • operator overloading of &&, ||, and ! and friends
    • AST domain classes more bean like
    • compareTo/equals
  • ConfigSlurper often causes trouble (see long list of issues on JIRA) and needs to be rewritten
  • going through JIRA issues

Try with resource brainstorming

Code Block
try (
    FileReader reader = new FileReader();
    OutputStream stream = new OutputStream();
) {
    // do stuff

file.withReader {}

anything.withCloseable {}
[].withCloseable {}

autoClose(reader, writer) {
   reader = new FileReader()
   writer = new Writer() 

autoClose({ new FileReader() }, { new Writer() }) { reader, writer -> }
autoClose(reader = new FileReader(); new Writer(reader)) { reader, writer -> }

autoClose {
   reader = new FileReader()
   writer = new Writer() 
} with { }